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What does obviously mean?
a) In a way that is easy to see. b) In a way that is hard to see c) In a way that you will never see d) In a way that you might see
What does recall mean?
a) To remember b) To forget c) To dial a number d) To call your best friend back on the phone
What does circumstances mean?
a) The way things are at the moment b) The way things might be later c) The way things are in the future d) The way things were in the past
What does miserable mean?
a) Very unhappy b) Very happy c) Very cheerful d) You do not care
What does merriment mean?
a) Fun b) Not fun c) Something good to eat d) A pets name
What does tangled mean?
a) To get caught in something that holds back or blocks, such as a string b) To set free c) To have fun d) To move freely
What does gnawing mean?
a) To chew b) To dance c) To throw d) To jump
What does cover mean?
a) To run over b) An amount of distance that you have to get across c) To go around d) To run through
What does strive mean?
a) To work to get something b) To relax c) To have fun d) To stretch
What does opportunity mean?
a) A chance to succeed in life b) To not try c) To pass up d) To through away
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