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any living thing
a) castings b) fungi c) organism d) nutrients
the main part of a fungus
a) mycelium b) fungi c) decomposers d) organism
anything that is discarded because it is used up, worn out, or no longer needed
a) castings b) waste c) decomposition d) decomposers
a process in which the remains of living things rot, decay, or break down
a) decomposition b) waste c) nutrients d) decomposers
organisms that break down dead plant or animal get nutrients, and leave behind some nutrients in the soil or water
a) fungi b) mycelium c) waste d) decomposers
a kingdom of living things that are different from both plant and animals
a) fungi b) organism c) decomposers d) mycelium
substances such as vitamins and minerals that organisms need for growth and life
a) castings b) waste c) nutrients d) fungi
remains of digested food left by earthworms
a) decomposition b) castings c) mycelium d) waste
What does inorganic mean?
a) came from something once living b) was never living c) nutrients d) none of the above
What does organic mean?
a) living or once living b) not living c) nutrients d) non of the above
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