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system of laws
a) government b) religion c) customs d) culture
conditions of exchanging goods and services
a) religion b) economy c) government d) culture
economic system with community ownership
a) capitalism b) socialism c) communism d) government
government in which the people rule
a) democracy b) dictatorship c) socialism d) communism
group of people\\\'s way of life
a) culture b) customs c) ethnic group d) democracy
economic system with private ownership
a) communism b) democracy c) capitalism d) socialism
economic system with governmental ownership
a) socialism b) communism c) capitalism d) dictatorship
system of beliefs
a) economy b) socialism c) government d) religion
group of people who share a common language, history, and/or place of origin
a) culture b) ethnic group c) democracy d) capitalism
traditions from the past that are still used today
a) customs b) culture c) government d) democracy
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