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Observation-using your __________ to find out about your surroundings.
a) nose and fingers b) eyes, ears, nose, fingers and mouth c) arms and legs d) eyes and ears
Qualitative observations are observations that measure or count.
a) True b) False c) d)
The date is an example of a:
a) Qualitative observation b) Hypothesis c) Inference d) Quanitative observation
A hypothesis is a _________________ statement
a) persuasive b) impromptu c) cause and effect d) research
An inference is a(n):
a) observation b) reasonable judgement c) prediction d) possible explanation
The one factor you change in an experiement is the:
a) controlled variables b) independent variable c) dependent variable d) sample size
The number of individuals you test in each set or number of times you repeat the test is the:
a) control group b) dependent variable c) sample size d) controlled variables
An effective conclusion has _______ parts.
a) 4 b) 7 c) 6 d) 5
On a graph, what goes on the x-axis?
a) independent variable b) 3/4 of the graph paper c) key d) dependent variable
Why is it important to use a ruler on graphs?
a) So the graph looks pretty b) None of the answers above c) It's not important to use a ruler d) So the information is accurate
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