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Currency of Italy
a) Euro b) c) Russian Ruble d) British Pound
What does arable land mean?
a) land good for farming b) land bad for farming c) hunting and fishing d) studying airplanes
Which is the largest country in the world?
a) Russia b) United Kingdom c) Italy d) Germany
Trade: Great for trade (North Sea, English Channel, Atlantic Ocean)
a) United Kingdom b) c) Russia d) Italy
Trade: (Great for trade, excellent highway system, use Rhine River)
a) Germany b) c) Russia d) Italy
Language of UK
a) English b) c) German d) Russian
Trade: (Bad for trade, frozen water, use trains mostly)
a) Russia b) c) Italy d) United Kingdom
Germanic Languages
a) German, English b) c) Russian, Spanish d) French, Italian
Romance languages
a) French, Italian, Spanish b) c) French, Italian, Russian d) French, German, Italian
Which of the following are Romance languages?
a) all answers are correct b) Spanish c) Italian d) French,
How are Italy and Germany different in relation to land usage?
a) Germany (85% urban 34% arable) Italy (68% urban 26% arable) b) c) Germany (5% urban 95% arable) Italy (50% urban 50% arable d) Germany (55% urban 75% arable) Italy (68% urban 26% arable
How are the UK and Russia different in relation to climate?
a) UK is mild and Russia is cold b) c) Both are mild d) Russia is mild and UK is cold
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