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A payoff or profit received in addition to a regular wage or payment is called...
a) Salary b) perk c) profit d) income
This is the legal representative for a celebrity. Most of them started as an accountants or attorneys.
a) agent b) cartel c) adviser d) handler
A ____________ works closely with athletes who are unable or unwilling to police themselves. Allen Iverson once had one of these.
a) agent b) cartel c) adviser d) handler
Someof the people are financial and business counselors rather than behavior monitors.
a) agent b) cartel c) adviser d) handler
These are a system of deciding what is right or wrong in a reasoned and impartial manner.
a) values b) ethics c) judgments d) lifestyle
Sports franchise ownership carries _________ power with it.
a) financial b) social c) political d) all of the above
The legal right to reproduce a team's logo in exchange for payment is a...
a) copyright b) trademark c) endowments d) license
A group of individuals within a larger market that share one or more characteristics is known as a...
a) Demographic Group b) Market Segment c) Geographic Group d) Psychographic Group
A group of college athletic teams within in the same region is known as a....
a) Division b) League c) Conference d) Region
Someone who doesn't get paid but plays for enjoyment, challenge, or both is known as a...
a) amateur athlete b) professional athlete c) casual athlete d) semi-pro athlete
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