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What is a prophet?
a) someone who does not believe in Jesus b) someone called by God to speak to his people c) Satan d) a dog
Repent means
a) to go to church b) to become Catholic c) to sin d) to turn away from sin and ask God for help to live a good life
We are baptised to
a) get clean b) become God c) have our sins forgiven d) drink the water
What happened when John baptised Jesus?
a) The Holy Spirit came upon him b) He screamed c) He was clean d) His sins were forgiven
Public Ministry means
a) to go to public school b) when Jesus began his work among the people c) When Jesus dies d) When Jesus was born
What is a disciple?
a) People that follow the devil b) A Church c) People who read the Bible d) People who followed Jesus
The Apostles are
a) followers of cats b) a priest c) 12 men Jesus chose to follow him d) a ham sandwich
What does Apostle mean?
a) one who is sent b) a sick person c) priests d) Jesus
I like
a) poop b) dogs c) cats d) myself
Ky favorite toy is
a) dolls b) legos c) princesses d) poop
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