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to try to persuade someone
a) contradict b) coax c) mock d) provoke
without respect, acting as if it is worthless
a) contemptuously b) languid c) piteous d) mock
slow, lacking in interest
a) piteous b) earnestly c) languid d) venerable
to make an opposite statement
a) contradict b) mock c) subside d) disperse
pathetic or deserving pity
a) languid b) antipathy c) piteous d) unavailing
a feeling of intense aversion, dislike, or hostility
a) contemptuously b) earnestly c) disconsolate d) antipathy
marked by or showing deep sincerity or seriousness
a) contemptuously b) earnestly c) impetuous d) clamorous
as a noun it's a groove or trench
a) belfry b) morrings c) furrow d) cock
to anger, enrage, exasperate
a) provoke b) contemptuously c) capsize d) coax
not authentic or real, but without the intention to deceive
a) languid b) mock c) piteous d) immense
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