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What factor causes global high and low pressure systems in the atmosphere?
a) Radiation from the sun b) Heat from volcanoes c) Teachers' hot air d) Air conditioners
What is the name given to half the planet Earth
a) Equator b) Hemisphere c) Latitude d) Atmosphere
An individual animals in a population is called an..
a) Carnivore b) Producer c) Organism d) Herbivore
Organisms that convert energy from the sun into food for other organisms are called:
a) Carnivores b) Producers c) Consumers d) Herbivores
When many different populations live together in an area, they are called a....
a) Consumer b) Ecosystem c) Community d) Producer
Organisms that get their energy from other organisms are called:
a) Consumers b) Animals c) Populations d) Producers
This is the measure of how far North or South you are on the surface of the planet?
a) Longitude b) Latitude c) Equator d) Hemisphere
This causes the change in high or low pressure in seawater:
a) Color & Depth b) Color & Saltiness c) Saltiness & Temperature d) Saltiness & Depth
The movement of water through all the oceans is called:
a) Global Heat Conveyer b) Greenhouse effect c) Atmosphere d) Global wind systems
The names of the three atmospheric air pressure systems are called:
a) Hadley, Ferrel & Paul b) Handy, Ferret & Polar c) Hardy, Ferrel & Polar d) Hadley, Ferrel & Polar
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