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a new star that forms in a nebula
a) Meteor b) Galaxy c) Protostar d) Comet
a cloud of dust an gas in space
a) Nebula b) Asteriod c) Star d) Galaxy
the explosion of a star
a) Comet b) Supernova c) Constellation d) Nebula
small chunk of rock that enters the Earth’s atmosphere, a shooting star
a) Comet b) Meteor c) Star d) Asteriod
a large rock in space
a) Comet b) Asteroid c) Constellation d) Galaxy
chunk of ice and rock in space
a) Comet b) Asteriod c) Prostar d) Supernova
a body in space that gives off light
a) Nebula b) Meteor c) star d) Constellation
hydrogen atoms combine to form helium atoms that give off light
a) light year b) Heliocentric model c) Geocentic model d) Nuclear fusion
Planets revolve around the sun in a _______ orbit
a) spherical b) elliptical c) concave d) spiral
___ the way to measure distance in space
a) Light year b) Heliocentic model c) Geocentic model d) Gravity
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