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What course management system will Gordon start using in January 2013?
a) GeorgiaView Vista 8 b) Web CT c) Moodle d) Desire to Learn
How often does your Gordon email password expire?
a) every 122 days b) every month c) every semester d) never
Where can you go to find your grades, transcripts, and financial aid information?
a) Business Office b) Banner Web c) Georgia View d) Computer Services
What is Gordon College's website?
a) www.gordon.com b) www.gc.net c) www.gdn.edu d) www.gordonc.gov
What building is computer services located in?
a) Instructional Complex b) Student Center c) Academic Building d) Lambdin Hall
What is a new product at Gordon that helps teachers engage their students and make the course interactive?
a) Smilebox b) Clickers c) Ball & Bat d) Duck-Duck-Goose
What is a tool teachers can use to make tests to put into their online courses (and do it without much frustration)?
a) Clickers b) Exam Made Essay c) Turnitin d) Respondus
What is tool you can create online for your students as a "mini" project for a particular task?
a) a zunal b) a webquest c) a clicker d) an exam
Where is the safest place to save/store your documents on Gordon computers?
a) "My Documents" b) My S Drive c) My H Drive d) My Desktop
What is a tool you can use to check for plagiarism in student's papers?
a) Turnitin b) Clickers c) Respondus d) Desire to Learn
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