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Believe in reincarnation, which is influenced by karma, and dharma
a) Hinduism b) Judaism c) Christianity d) Taoism
Salvation is achieved through a spiritual oneness of the soul, atman, with the ultimate reality of the universe, Brahman
a) Christianity b) Judaism c) Hinduism d) Taoism
Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader
a) Confucianism b) Buddism c) Judaism d) Christianity
Filial Piety-One should respect their elders is a key teaching
a) Hinduism b) Buddism c) Confucianism d) Confucianism
Oldest known monotheistic religion still practiced in the world today
a) Confucianism b) Buddism c) Judaism d) Christianity
Religious justification for the existence of the rigid social structure known as the Caste System
a) Confucianism b) Judaism c) Buddism d) Hinduism
The teachings of Islam are collected in the Qur'an
a) Confucianism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Hinduism
The dominant religion in North America, South America, Europe, and Russia.
a) Buddism b) Christianity c) Confucianism d) Judaism
Social order to society which can best be explained through the Five Relationships
a) Hinduism b) Christianity c) Confucianism d) Confucianism
Four Noble Truths are key teachings
a) Buddhism b) Confucianism c) Hinduism d) Judaism
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