Multi-step Equations (Combining Like Terms Then Solving A 2-step Equation) (ID: 21343)

Multi-step equations (Combining like terms then solving a 2-step equation). Linked to IL state standards at the 8th - 10th grade level. To get started, select a game and test your knowledge on the topic. To play games disable or bypass popup blocker software.

Preview Questions in the Games
If you are confused about any question or answer choices in the games print the data and review it with a teacher. Enjoy!

Question Quiz
Do not feel like playing a game? In this non-game format, pick the answer and see if you are correct. [long version*]

Try your luck in this game where you need to clear the board by matching three or more colored stars [directions].

Paper Bird (Flappy Bird)
In this strangely addictive game you need to help a paper bird fly through the obstacles by flapping its wings. [directions].

Tower Blocks
A very addicting fun game where the player needs to stack the blocks as high as they can before they all fall [directions].

Heroic Ants
Very fun game where you throw an ant across the yard and see how far he goes. Try to set a personal record [directions].

Leaping Frog
Why did the frog cross the pond? To get to the other side. Help this frog get there by controlling its jumps! [directions].

Jumping Tiles
You need to click the highlighted tile to jump onto the next tile. The faster you finish, the higher your score [directions].

Ghost Man
Try to eat as many dots as possible before the scary ghosts attack you and end your turn of play [directions].

Word Grid
Try to find as many words as you can. The bigger the word the more points! How many can you find? [directions].

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