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This website is 100% free for anyone to use and most of the operating costs are offset by advertising. Your subscription helps to maintain the quality and content of the site while allowing you some additional benefits as a thank you for your support.

Advertising-Free Layout*: advertising is removed from the site which results in less clutter and a more streamed experience (image 1) (image 2).

More Flash (.swf) Game Titles for desktop and laptop use: get access to titles no longer available on the free site (such as Who Wants to be a Billionaire; Rock, Paper, Scissors; Ping Pong, Golf and 4 more) which will allow your students to have more fun learning.

Faster Page Loads: with advertisements turned off, every page loads more quickly which means students spend more time learning and less time waiting (image).

Single User License Subscription: display the site in the classroom or home on a single computer. Great for teachers who wish to use the games on the smart board or for parents who want their child to gain access. Month: $4.99 (PayPal) Year: $19.99 (PayPal)

Classroom License Subscription: provides entire class of students (up to 30 at a time) access to the site. For the teacher who wants to bring students into the computer lab and have fun. Month: $9.99 (PayPal) Year: $39.99 (PayPal)

NOTE: you are NOT able to post the username and password to any website, blog, or domain that is not password protected.

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All licenses will be e-mailed immediately. Check your SPAM folder if you do not receive it within 10-15 minutes after purchase. The charge will show up from Holocene Holdings LLC, which is the parent company of Review Game Zone.

Try it for a month, if you like it and want the year subscription we will upgrade you less the monthly fee.

* Ads will only be shown on the search results page which is powered by Google. They require ads to be run in order for us to use their search service on the site. The Google search feature is so advanced compared to other options this has to be done.

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