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Region where annual patterns of ranfall, temperature, and sunlight are similar throughout
a) estaury
b) climate zone
c) intertidal zone
d) near-shore zone

Area where waves and tides reach the shore
a) intertidal zone
b) near-shore zone
c) open-ocean zone
d) clkmate zone

The biome with the greatest diversity of life is the
a) Grasslands
b) Deciduous Forest
c) Taiga
d) Tropical Rain Foirest

Area of deep water where most animal and plant organisms live at the surface
a) near-shore zone
b) intertidal zone
c) open-ocean zone
d) deep water ocean zone

Place where a freshwater river empties into the ocean
a) biome
b) estuary
c) ocean
d) bays

Area of calm water, constant temperature, and much algae growth
a) intertidal zone
b) near-shore zone
c) open-ocean zone
d) climate zone

Freshwater ecosystems occur in
a) intertidal zone
b) estuaries
c) oceans and seas
d) swamps and marshes

Permafrost is found in this biome
a) Grasslads
b) Tundra
c) Desert
d) Taiga

The floor of the rain forest has little plant life because
a) not enough rain
b) too many animals
c) too mush sunlight
d) very little sunlight gets through the canopy

Evergreens are adapted to life in the taiga because they
a) have a waxy covering over their needles
b) shed needles
c) have roots that spread out near the surface
d) grow too tall

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