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Which of these events related to the French Revolution occurred first?
a) Napoleon became emperor of France.
b) The Declaration of the Rights of Man was issued.
c) Louis XVI called the Estates General into session.
d) The Committee of Public Safety led the Reign of Terror.

Which event is most closely associated with the French Revolution?
a) Council of Trent
b) Thirty Years’ War
c) Reign of Terror
d) Paris Peace Conference

Which factors helped cause the defeat of Napoleon during his invasion of Russia?
a) the severe winters and large size of Russia
b) the many rivers and mountains of Russia
c) the coalition between the Russian czar and the democratic leaders
d) the well-trained and well-supplied Russian army

Which list of French leaders is in the correct chronological order?
a) Louis XVI →Napoleon →Robespierre
b) Robespierre →Napoleon →Louis XVI
c) Louis XVI →Robespierre →Napoleon
d) Napoleon →Louis XVI →Robespierre

King Louis XIV of France, Peter the Great of Russia, and Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire were all considered absolute rulers because they
a) broke from the Roman Catholic Church
b) helped feudal lords build secure castles
c) instituted programs that provided more power to their parliaments
d) determined government policies without the consent of their people

Which factor most hindered the efforts of both Napoleon and Hitler to conquer Russia?
a) climate
b) fortifications
c) advanced technology
d) lack of ports

One major effect of Napoleon’s rule of France was that it led to
a) an increase in the power of the Roman Catholic Church
b) massive emigration to the Americas
c) trade agreements with Great Britain
d) a restoration of political stability

11. “The French Revolution is most important for having changed subjects to citizens.” This statement emphasizes the shift from
a) religious traditions to secular values
b) divine right rule to people’s participation in government
c) rural lifestyles to urban lifestyles
d) private property ownership to government ownership

One of the main purpose of the Congress of Vienna (1814- 1815) was to
a) Promote the unification of Italy.
b) Preserve the German territories gained by Otto von Bismarck.
c) Restore the power of the Holy Roman Empire.
d) Establish a balance of power in Europe after the defeat of Napoleon.

A major goal of the Congress of Vienna was to
a) Establish democratic governments in Europe.
b) Maintain a balance of power in Europe.
c) Return Napoleon Bonaparte to power.
d) Create independent governments for Austria and Hungary.

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