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The ideas of Rousseau, Voltaire, and Montesquieu most influenced
a) The growing power of priests in the Roman Catholic Church.
b) Improvements in the working conditions of factory workers.
c) The rise of industrial capitalism.
d) Movements for political reform.

Niccolo Machiavelli in The Prince and Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan both advocate that a ruler should
a) Obtain power from a social contract with the governed.
b) Employ absolute power to maintain order in the areas under their rule.
c) Place the needs of subjects first.
d) Apply Christian teachings to all decisions.

The writings of the 18th century French philosophers Diderot, Rousseau, and Voltaire influenced the
a) Policies of the enlightened despots.
b) Start of the Neolithic Revolution.
c) Success of the German unification movement
d) Spread of imperialism to Africa and Asia

“Whoever has the … supreme power… is bound to govern by established standing laws.” John Locke. What is the main idea expressed in these quotations?
a) Rulers should govern with unlimited power.
b) All governments must be democratic.
c) Rulers must be subject to the law.
d) Governments should be based on the laws of God.

“The rule of law is more powerful than the rule of the tyrant.” Simon Bolivar. This idea was first expressed during which period of European history?
a) Pax Romana
b) Enlightenment
c) Middle Ages
d) Renaissance

Enlightenment thinkers encouraged the improvement of society through the
a) teachings of the church
b) use of reason
c) development of absolutism
d) establishment of a rigid social hierarchy

One way in which Montesquieu, Voltaire, and Rousseau are similar is that they were
a) philosophers during the Age of Enlightenment
b) chief ministers during the French Revolution
c) leaders of the Italian unification movement
d) supporters of the Counter Reformation

In Two Treatises of Government, John Locke wrote that the purpose of government was to
a) keep kings in power
b) regulate the economy
c) expand territory
d) protect natural rights

Which statement represents a characteristic of democracy?
a) Religious leaders control government policy.
b) Citizens are the source of power in government.
c) The government limits the thoughts and actions of the people.
d) The laws of the government are made by influential military officers.

The English Bill of Rights and the political philosophy of John Locke both support the idea of a
a) coalition government
b) fascist dictatorship
c) Marxist dictatorship
d) limited government

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