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For which of the following tasks would you most likely use a spreadsheet?
a) making an address book
b) drawing a picture
c) averaging your grades
d) writing a newsletter

Which of the following does a spreadsheet contain?
a) columns and rows
b) circles and squares
c) fields and records
d) forms and reports

The intersection of a column and a row in a spreadsheet is called a:
a) formula
b) sort
c) record
d) cell

Column headings in a spreadsheet are labeled with:
a) numbers
b) letter
c) greek symbols
d) roman numerals

When entering formulas in a spreadsheet, you must always start with what symbol?
a) {
b) +
c) >
d) =

To add the values in cells B2 and C4, which of the following formulas should be entered?
a) B2-C2
b) =B2+C2
c) =B2*C2
d) =B2:C2

Which of the following is a function that is built into a spreadsheet?
a) formula
b) record
c) column
d) graph

A group of highlighted cells is called a:
a) graph
b) field
c) cell address
d) cell range

For which of the following is a formula used?
a) enter data
b) calculate numbers
c) make a graph
d) draw a picture

To create a graph, you must first __________ the cells containing the data you want to graph.
a) highlight
b) align
c) bold
d) center

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