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Which of the following is an example of a nonrenewable resource?
a) Oil
b) Sunlight
c) Water
d) A tree

What could be caused by breathing polluted air?
a) Health problems
b) Acid rain
c) Solid waste
d) Water pollution

A paper, pencil, and apple are examples of?
a) Renewable resources
b) Pollutants
c) Nonrenwable resources
d) Packaging

Dumping used motor oil on the ground could create ?
a) water pollution
b) air pollution
c) solid waste
d) acid rain

Which of the following would be considered a renewable resource?
a) Water
b) Coal
c) Iron ore
d) Land

Which is the BEST way to cut electricity use?
a) Not use your air conditioning in summer
b) Turn off computer when not using
c) Turn off lights when not using
d) Unplug cell phone charger

What is collecting used paper and sending it to a factor to be made into new paper an example of?
a) Recycling
b) Reusing
c) Buying
d) Reducing

What is using an old newspaper to line a pet cage an example of?
a) Reusing
b) Recycling
c) Reducing
d) Buying

Kroger cut back on the plastic used in the yogurt containers, this is an example of?
a) Reducing
b) Reusing
c) Recycling
d) Buying

A natural resource is:
a) a item from nature that is used by living things
b) always a bad thing
c) something we only use to create electricity
d) is always renewable

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