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Which wave has the higest frequency?
a) Gamma Rays
b) Infared
c) Radio waves
d) Visible light

Which is an example of a electromagnetic wave?
a) Sound wave
b) Water wave
c) Radio wave
d) Gravity

Electromagnetic waves...
a) Have to have a medium
b) Are the colors of the rainbow
c) Are felt as heat only
d) Do not need a medium

How are infrared and ultraviolet waves similar?
a) Can travel without a medium
b) Have same amount of energy
c) Are the same thing
d) Have same wavelength

Which color has the highest frequency?
a) Red
b) Orange
c) Violet
d) Blue

Which color has the lowest frequency?
a) Red
b) Orange
c) Violet
d) Blue

Which is false?
a) Many different kinds of electromagnetic energy from sun
b) Frequency related to wavelength
c) Low frequency=low energy
d) White light is no color

Which color has the shortest wavelength?
a) Orange
b) Violet
c) Green
d) indigo

Which is true?
a) X-rays longer than radio waves
b) Gamma rays shorter than infrared
c) Ultraviolet longer than microwave
d) Infrared shorter than visible

Which has more energy than visible light?
a) Gamma Rays
b) Microwaves
c) Radio Waves
d) Infrared

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