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The prefix un- in unlikely means...
a) not likely
b) before likely
c) less likely
d) very likely

the suffix -er in faster means...
a) not quick
b) comparing two speeds
c) quicker than another
d) in a quick way

the suffix -est in biggest means...
a) not big
b) in a big way
c) more big than another
d) the most big

the prefix pre- in pretest means...
a) very test
b) after a test
c) before a test
d) in a test way

the suffix -est in quietest means...
a) the most quiet
b) before quiet
c) in a quiet way
d) not quiet

the prefix mis- in misfire means...
a) to fire first
b) in a fire way
c) the most fire
d) to fire on accident (or wrongly)

the suffix -ful in helpful means....
a) be full of help
b) not help
c) before help
d) to help the most

the suffix -tion in creation means....
a) before create
b) in a create way
c) the act of creating
d) not create

the suffix -ful in fearful means...
a) to have a lot of fear
b) the most fear
c) before fear
d) to have no fear

the suffix -en in wooden means....
a) before wood
b) in a wood way
c) made of wood
d) the most wood

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