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Review For Chapter 8, The Greek Empire.[print questions]

Name the peninsula on which Sparta is located.
a) Peloponnesus
b) Attica
c) Macedonia
d) Isthmus of Panama

Name the huge temple at the top of the Acropolis.
a) Parthenon
b) Agora
c) Sanctuary
d) Pericles

Name the largest island of Greece.
a) Crete
b) Cyprus
c) Rhodes
d) Sicily

Name the Greek ruler who was born in Macedonia.
a) Alexander
b) Homer
c) Plato
d) Socrates

Name the law-making body in which people vote on issues of the city.
a) Assembly
b) Oligarchy
c) Senate
d) Presidency

Name the term for rule by a small, rich group of people.
a) Oligarchy
b) Democracy
c) Heliopolis
d) Democracy

Name the ancient Greek poet.
a) Homer
b) Plato
c) Socrates
d) Alexander

Name the term for a Greek city-state.
a) Polis
b) Agora
c) Acropolis
d) Colony

Name the peninsula on which Athens is located.
a) Attica
b) Macedonia
c) Acropolis
d) Peloponnesus

Name the place where Greek gods and goddesses were said to live.
a) Mt. Olympus
b) Mt. Rainier
c) Mt. Rhodes
d) Mt. Crete

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