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Which class has the functional group R - O - R?
a) ketones
b) amines
c) ethers
d) esters

Which class has the general formula CnH2n-2?
a) alkanes
b) cyclo alkanes
c) alkynes
d) alkenes

What is the name of a compound with the molecular formula C6H12?
a) hexene
b) hexyne
c) hexane
d) heptene

What is the general formula for cycloalkanes?
a) CnHn
b) CnH2n
c) CnH2n+2
d) CnH2n-2

Which class has an oxygen in the carbon chain AND an oxygen double bonded?
a) ethers
b) ketones
c) aromatics
d) esters

What do all aromatics have in common?
a) a double bond
b) a triple bond
c) a benzene ring
d) multiple carbon-oxygen bonds

What is the name of the simplest cycloalkane?
a) cyclopropane
b) cyclobutane
c) cycloethane
d) cyclomethane

All hydrocarbons undergo...
a) neutralization
b) combustion
c) precipitation
d) none of the above

What class has a carbon chain with nitrogen?
a) esters
b) ketones
c) amines
d) alcohols

What class has a carbon chain with an OH group?
a) alcohols
b) amines
c) aldehydes
d) esters

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