Ch. 13 China, Japan, And Korea Question Preview (ID: 9028)

The Advancements Of China During This Period Help The Renaissance In Europe.[print questions]

Throughout much of history, both China and Japan held a common view that other nations were
a) Valued sources of worthwhile knowledge
b) Envoys of an advanced civilization
c) Barbarians not worthy of their attention
d) Sources of cheap labor and goods

Shintoism and animism share a belief in the importance of
a) Reincarnation
b) Spirits in nature
c) Holy books
d) Missionaries

Feudalism influenced Europe and Japan by
a) Providing social stability
b) Fostering the growth of religion
c) Eliminating warfare
d) Encouraging formal education

Which geographic characteristic is shared by both Greece and Japan?
a) Navigable rivers
b) Irregular coastline
c) Tropical rain forests
d) Abundant mineral resources

The travels of Marco Polo and of Ibn Battuta were similar in that these travels
a) Led to nationalistic movements
b) Helped to spread the ideas of religious leaders
c) Stimulated the expansion of trade
d) Supported democratic forms of government

A similarity of the rule of the Ancient Mongols and the ancient Greeks is that both
a) Protected the human rights of peoples they controlled
b) Destroyed the civilizations they defeated
c) Remained isolated and peaceful for centuries
d) Established vast empires and spread their cultures to the people they conquered

Which statement supports the claim that diversity was an important characteristic of the Mongol Empire (1200- 1350)?
a) All people in the Mongol Empire were Hindu
b) The Mongol Empire ruled peoples from China, Russia, Eastern Europe, and India
c) Genghis Khan organized a network of communication across the Empire
d) The Mongol Empire covered only central Asia

One result of the voyages of Zheng He was that
a) Chinese merchants began trading with Africa
b) Christian missionaries arrived in China
c) Indian artisans showed the Chinese how to make Ming porcelain
d) China set up colonies in Europe

What empires are associated with block printing, magnetic compass, gun powder, and water clock
a) Gupta Empire in India
b) Ghana and Mali civilizations of Africa
c) Tang and Song Dynasties in China
d) Byzantine Empire in the Middle East

Which statement about the Tang dynasty is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) Technical advances would have been greater if the Tang dynasty had lasted longer
b) China’s best emperors came from the Tang dynasty
c) The Tang emperors granted government jobs to scholars who passed examinations
d) The culture of the Tang dynasty was superior to that of the Han dynasty

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