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What is Scout’s real name?
a) Jean Louise Finch
b) Louise Marie Finch
c) Louise Scout Finch
d) Lee Mae Finch

What is the verdict in the Tom Robinson case?
a) Guilty
b) Innocent
c) The Jury is hung
d) The Judge calls a mistrial

Who insists that Bob Ewell’s death is an accident?
a) Heck Tate
b) Atticus
c) Scout
d) Boo Radley

What is Boo’s real name?
a) Arthur
b) Nathan
c) Riley
d) Robert

What does Dill find in Dolphus Raymond’s bottle?
a) Coca-cola
b) Wine
c) Whiskey
d) Water

Who tells Jem that it is a sin to kill mockingbirds?
a) Atticus
b) Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra
c) Scout
d) Dill

Who beat Mayella Ewell?
a) Bob Ewell
b) Boo Radley
c) Tom Robinson
d) Heck Tate

What are Jem and Scout shocked to discover about Atticus?
a) That he can play the fiddle
b) That he is the best shot in Maycomb County
c) That he can swim faster than any man in Maycomb
d) That he is a prize-winning songwriter

Who takes the children to the black church?
a) Miss Maudie
b) Helen Robinson
c) Miss Stephanie Crawford
d) Calpurnia

Who fixes Jem's pants?
a) Boo
b) Scout
c) Miss Maudie
d) Miss Rachel

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