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In Microsoft Excel 2010, what is the area that contains gridlines and is made up of row and columns called?
a) Notebook
b) Workbook
c) Folder
d) Worksheet

Which area of the Microsoft Excel 2010 window displays the name of the workbook that is active?
a) Status bar
b) Home ribbon
c) Title bar
d) Scroll bar

When entering data into a cell, which keyboard key is used to remove characters to the right of the insertion point?
a) Backspace key
b) Left arrow key
c) Enter key
d) Delete key

When saving a file in Microsoft Excel 2010, which symbol is NOT to be used in the file name?
a) (underscore)
b) / (forward slash)
c) % (percent sign)
d) & (ampersand)

What method is used in conjunction with the mouse to change the height of a row in Microsoft Excel 2010?
a) Double-click the column header
b) Triple-click the column header
c) Click and drag the boundary line between rows
d) Click and drag the boundary line between columns

What is the proper method for adding (inserting) columns into a worksheet?
a) Click the Insert button on the Home ribbon and choose the Insert Column option
b) Click the Column button on the Insert ribbon
c) Double click a column to insert a new column above
d) Click the Insert button on the Quick Access toolbar

Which feature is a temporary storage location for items that have been copied or cut from a worksheet?
a) Cutboard
b) Clipboard
c) Clip area
d) Clip storage

Other than using Microsoft Excel 2010 as a spreadsheet tool, what other function can it serve?
a) Database tool
b) Word processing tool
c) Publishing tool
d) Web design tool

To add visual interest to worksheets and charts, where is the command located to insert clip art images?
a) Home ribbon
b) Insert ribbon
c) Page Layout ribbon
d) Chart Tools Deisgn ribbon

In Microsoft Excel 2010, where are the most commonly used program commands located?
a) Home ribbon
b) File tab
c) Shortcut menu
d) Quick access toolbar

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