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What role did space shuttles play in the making of the international space station
a) The space shuttles were used to power and fuel the ISS
b) The space shuttles provided satellite guidance to the ISS
c) The space shuttles transported people and parts to build the ISS
d) The space shuttles were used to bring the ISS back to Earth for repairs

Which area of transportation has benefited the most from exploration technology?
a) ships
b) aircraft design
c) auto design
d) railroads

Who was the first man in space?
a) Alan Shepard
c) Tom Hanks
d) Yuri Gagarin

What is a problem experienced by astronauts staying for long periods of time aboard the international space station?
a) weight loss due to diet
b) muscle loss due to lack of exercise
c) effects of lower gravity on the body
d) reduced exposure to sunlight

What is one major difference between the space shuttle and earlier spacecraft?
a) A space shuttle could transport more than one astonaut
b) A space shuttle could be used for more than one space flight
c) A space shuttle could travel outside our solar system
d) A space shuttle could fly to other planets

NASA developed a filtration process to make wastewater on space flights reusable. Where might this filtration process be used on Earth?
a) in areas where water is used for recreation
b) in areas where water is salty
c) in areas where water is contaminated
d) in areas where water contains hard minerals

Which is one major difference between the international space station and the space shuttle missions?
a) The ISS orbits around Earth
b) The ISS was built by many countries
c) The ISS can land and be relaunched
d) The ISS travels to other planets

Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
a) Buzz Aldrin
b) Alan Shepard
c) John Glenn
d) Neil Armstrong

Which statements best explains what is unique about the Apollo Space programs?
a) It is the only program to date, to send a person to another celestial body
b) it is the largest and most expensive space program in NASA history
c) It is the first program to send more than one american into space
d) It is the only NASA program to have a serious mission failure

Firefighters wear jackets that resist fire. This fabric was orginially designed for?
a) space shuttle seats
b) space cargo
c) space suits
d) space shuttle insulation

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