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A television program has a show that includes lizards, cacti, and snakes. Which could most likely be a title for the show?
a) Alaska's Great Tundra
b) Life in the American Desert
c) Nebraska’s Endless Prairie
d) The Deciduous Forests of North Carolina

Soil content is very different in various ecosystems on earth. What can soil content help determine?
a) the amount of pollution in a specific area
b) the average temperature in a specific area
c) which plants and animals live in a specific area
d) how much precipitation will fall in a specific area

Which best explains how the sun’s energy is passed through an ecosystem?
a) through the food chain
b) through decomposition
c) through the water cycle
d) through several producers

Which best explains how toxic chemicals in the soil can harm humans?
a) They are absorbed by plants that provide human food.
b) They evaporate into the air, causing air pollution.
c) They are absorbed by animals that provide human food.
d) They cause the soil to become too warm for food to grow.

Salt marshes are composed of water and soil that contain high levels of salt compared to other ecosystems. Which is the main reason organisms are able to survive in salt marshes?
a) The organisms depend on the salt for nutrients and survival.
b) The organisms have adapted to the level of salt in the water and soil.
c) The organisms eat special plankton that reduces the effects of the salt.
d) The organisms can live there only with the help of humans who add chemicals to the salty water and s

Which animal relationship is parasitic?
a) a bear eating a fish
b) a deer grazing in a field
c) a tick feeding on a dog
d) a zebra running from a lion

Which is the primary cause for habitat reduction?
a) development of ponds
b) development of landfills
c) development of wilderness areas
d) development of cities and neighborhoods

Which best explains how nonpoint source pollution occurs?
a) Too much carbon dioxide is added to the air.
b) Factories empty waste directly into bodies of water.
c) Water runs over the land picking up pollutants and adds them to bodies of water.
d) Moisture in the air is overheated and harms the environment when it falls as precipitation.

Which effect can fertilizer from a farm have on a nearby river?
a) It may cause an increase in algae in the river.
b) It may cause a decrease in plant growth in the river.
c) It may cause an increase in water quality in the river.
d) It may cause a decrease in the number of rocks in the river.

How does nitrogen enter a land food chain?
a) It is created by the sun and absorbed by producers.
b) It is introduced by first-level consumers to second-level consumers.
c) It is released by decomposers when breaking down dead plants and animals.
d) It is absorbed from the soil by producers which are then eaten by consumers.

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