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Topic 9 And 10 Review.[print questions]

Two streams begin at the same elevation and have equal volumes. Which statement best explains why one stream could be flowing faster than the other stream?
a) The faster stream contains more dissolved minerals.
b) The faster stream has a much steeper gradient.
c) The streams are flowing in different directions.
d) The faster stream has a temperature of 10°C, and the slower stream has a temperature of 20°C.

Which factor has the greatest influence on the weathering rate of Earth’s surface bedrock
a) local air pressure
b) angle of insolation
c) age of the bedrock
d) regional climate

Does erosion take place on the inside or outside of a meandering stream?
a) outside
b) inside

Erosion is
a) the breakdown of rock into smaller particles
b) the transport of weathered material
c) found at the mouth of a river
d) caused by acid rain

What kind of climates do you need for physical erosion?
a) wet and warm
b) cold and dry
c) warm and dry
d) freezing and then thawing

What kind of climates do you need for chemical erosion?
a) cool and dry
b) cool and wet
c) warm and wet
d) warm and dry

What causes the rounding of rocks in a stream?
a) abrasion
b) wind
c) ice
d) mud

What kind of rocks do glaciers leave?
a) layered and sorted
b) layered and unsorted
c) unlayered and sorted
d) unlayered and unsorted

what is weathering?
a) glacial erosion
b) climate and temperature
c) The breakdown of rocks into smaller particles
d) the transport of materials

What is NOT an agent of erosion?
a) wind
b) temperature
c) running water
d) gravity

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