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What is the yearly salary of an experienced computer programmer?
a) $125,000
b) $45,000
c) $90,000
d) $180,000

I'd like to work in an operating room. I might be a:
a) Perfumist
b) Perfusionist
c) Art Therapist

I want to be a weatherman on TV. I should study:
a) Meteorology
b) Radio, TV, and Digital Communciations
c) Oceanography
d) A and B

I want to design space stations. A good major for me would be:
a) Computer Science
b) Architecture
c) Aerospace Design
d) Interior Design

What two job characteristics do an architect and an archaeologist have in common?
a) Both are interested in buildings and history
b) Both are interested in biology and horticulture
c) Both are interested in mathematics and computers

On average, how often do workers change careers?
a) Every year
b) Every 3 years
c) Every 8 years
d) Every 10 years

Which job typically has the highest starting salary-a plumber, a psychologist, or an historial?
a) A plumber earns more
b) A psychologist earns more
c) An historian earns more

Which job typically has highest average salary-a plumber, a psychologist, or an historian?
a) A plumber earns more
b) A psychologist earns more
c) An historian earns more

In which country do managers have more mandatory vacation time- Sweden, the United States, Italy or Canada?
a) Sweden
b) US
c) Italy
d) Canada

Which job requires more education-a social worker, a police officer, or a veterinarian?
a) Social Worker
b) Police Officer
c) Veterinarian

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