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This Is A Review Of The Unit Territorial Expansion Part 1 Of 2.[print questions]

Andrew Jackson gave and took rights from people. An example of this is
a) He gave women the right to own land while limiting voting rights to Native Americans.
b) He gave women the right to vote while keeping African Americans from voting.
c) He gave rights to Native Americans while kicking whites off their land.
d) He gave rights to white settlers while kicking Native Americans off their land.

Industrial Revolution happened in New England because
a) it has fertile soil for growing cash crops.
b) it had dry weather that was perfect for factory work.
c) it has rushing rivers that provide water power for machine.
d) it has a mild climate that encourages factory building.

Which nation did the US have the difficulty with during Manifest Destiny?
a) France
b) Canada
c) Mexico
d) Spain

What was the Monroe Doctrine?
a) US would't allow European colonization of North America.
b) US would sign a treaty to take over Missouri.
c) US would fight Britain for Florida.
d) US would fight a war for the Louisiana Territory.

Based on the relationship between Jackson and the Native Americans, which statement is true?
a) Jackson and the Cherokee agree that the removal of the Native Americans is the best action.
b) Jackson and the Cherokee disagree that the government should pay for Native Americans to move back.
c) Jackson and the Cherokee disagree that Native Americans should keep their current settlement.
d) Jackson and the Cherokee want to have Native Americans create their own country.

What happened during the Missouri Compromise?
a) Missouri and Maine were added to the Union.
b) Maine and Colorado were added to the Union.
c) Missouri and California were added to the Union.
d) Texas and Arizona were added to the Union.

Mexico did all of the following except
a) Stopped all immigration from the United States
b) let US goods into Texas tax free
c) Remove their constitution
d) Tariffs were put on all US goods coming into Texas

What did Lewis and Clark do?
a) They discovered gold in California.
b) Told people that the land belongs to the Native Americans and should be left alone.
c) They discovered many plants and animals in fertile land which encouraged people to move west.
d) They told Jefferson that the west was a terrible place that should be closed to Americans.

Railroads were important in which concept?
a) Temperance movement
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Sectionalism
d) Sovereignty

The combination of resources, improved transportation, and technological breakthroughs all contributed to the
a) Era of Good Feelings
b) Industrial Revolution
c) Adoption of rules of the Bill of Rights
d) Termination of Agriculture Cooperatives

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