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Speed, Including Formula.[print questions]

The most common reference point is
a) the sun
b) the Earth
c) the moom
d) other objects

Speed depends upon what two factors?
a) mass and volume
b) distance and time
c) weight and volume
d) distance and direction

What is the formula used to determine speed?
a) distance divided by time
b) distance multiplied by time
c) time divided by distance
d) time multiplied by distance

Which of the following is NOT an example of velocity?
a) 10 km/hr east
b) 15 m/sec forward
c) -27 km/sec north
d) 55 m/hr

What is the difference between speed and velocity?
a) Speed does not include direction, but velocity does include the direction.
b) Speed includes direction, but velocity does not.
c) Speed involves movement, but velocity does not involve movement.
d) There is no difference between speed and velocity.

If you are in a canoe moving up a river at 15 m/sec, and the river is flowing at a rate of 12 m/sec, what is your actual velocity?
a) 27 m/sec upstream
b) 27 m/sec dowstream
c) 3 m/sec upstream
d) 3 m/sec downstream

If you traveled 7.5 km in 1.5 hours, what was your average speed?
a) 11.25 km/hr
b) 6 km/hr
c) 5 km/hr
d) .2 km/hr

If a bird is flying at a rate of 4 km/min north with a wind of 5 km/min north, what is its velocity?
a) 1 km/min north
b) 1.25 km/him north
c) 9 km/min north
d) 20 km/min morth

Although there are many different units for measuring speed, what is the SI unit for measuring speed?
a) kilometers per hour
b) meters per second
c) miles per hour
d) feet per second

If two cars drive down the road at the same speed, why did they NOT arrive at the same place at the same time?
a) Their reference points were different.
b) Their drivers were differnt.
c) Their fuel consumption was different.
d) Their velocities were different.

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