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Kaylee uses a graduated cylinder to gather data in an experiment. Based on this information, which of the following scenarios best matches what she is most likely doing?
a) measuring the volume of a solid and calculating its density
b) calculating the temperature of an object
c) comparing the strengths of three magnets
d) measuring the mass of an object

To which field of study did Newton's research involving laws of motion and gravitation contribute the MOST scientific understanding?
a) biology
b) chemistry
c) medicine
d) physics

Which of the following is the best example of something with potential energy?
a) baseball flying through the air
b) roller coaster car zooming down the track
c) water being poured from a pitcher
d) a child sitting at the top of a slide on the playground

Malik is driving his car at a rate of 60 miles per hour. Sixty miles per hour is the car's rate of ...
a) acceleration
b) speed
c) time
d) velocity

Ali travels at 35 miles per hour north. The definition of speed and direction at a given time is ...
a) acceleration
b) momentum
c) friction
d) velocity

Sam's car can go from 0 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds. A change in speed or velocity over time is called ...
a) acceleration
b) momentum
c) friction
d) force

Marvie kicks a soccer ball, and it will stay in motion until a force is exerted on the ball and it stops rolling. Which of these forces, when exerted on the ball, would stop it?
a) friction
b) inertia
c) gravity
d) magnetism

Marlon pulls his dog with 20 Newtons of force to the leftt. The dog pulls Marlon with 20 lNewtons of force to the right. This is an example of ...
a) acceleration
b) an unbalanced force
c) a balanced force
d) velocity

Alexander wants to measure the acceleration of a car. Which of the following tools should he use?
a) a balance and a stopwatch
b) a meter stick and a stopwatch
c) a balance and a meter stick
d) a stopwatch and a graduated cylinder

Charlie pushes a box with force of 10 Newtons to the left. Madison pushes the same box with a force of 8 Newtons to the right. What is the net force and which direction.
a) 2 Newtons; the box will move right
b) 2 Newtons; the box will move to the left
c) 18 Newtons; the box will move to the left
d) 0 Newtons; the box will not move

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