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Serengeti National Park is part of which climate zone?
a) savanna
b) desert
c) rain forest
d) steppe

What landform is found in north west Africa?
a) Nile River
b) Amazon River
c) Orange River
d) Niger River

What landform is located in north Africa?
a) Sahara Desert
b) Congo River
c) Lake Victoria
d) Mt. Kilimanjaro

What major river is located south of the equator in Africa?
a) Mississippi River
b) Niger River
c) Congo River
d) Seine River

The _________________ was the separation of races in __________________.
a) townships; coloreds
b) apartheid; South Africa
c) imprisoned; whites
d) president; blacks

People were separated into three groups. These groups were whites, _______________ and ________________.
a) marry; imprisoned
b) coloreds; townships
c) blacks; coloreds
d) imprisoned; apartheid

Only the _____________ were allowed to vote.
a) whites
b) blacks
c) coloreds
d) marry

The groups were not allowed to ____________ each other. Coloreds and blacks were forced to live in __________________ which were small, cluttered neighborhoods.
a) imprisoned; Nelson Mandela
b) marry; president
c) apartheid; imprisoned
d) marry; townships

____________________________ was a leader in the fight against apartheid. He was ___________________ for speaking out and opposing the government.
a) Martin Luther King Jr; followed
b) Nelson Mandela; imprisoned
c) George W. Bush; given a cookie
d) Barack Obama; awarded

After Mandela's release, he was elected the first black African ___________________ of South Africa.
a) elephant
b) banker
c) student
d) president

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