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The owner of a miniature golf business provides her customers with?
a) a promotion
b) a good
c) an exchange
d) a service

Which economic utility increased when fast food restaurants began accepting credit cards?
a) Possession Utility
b) Form Utility
c) Information Utility
d) Place Utility

At the end of her one-week stay at a luxury hotel, Jennifer completed a form rating the hotel's service, food, and accommodations. This is an example of what marketing tool?
a) product planning
b) informational utility
c) market research
d) marketing mix

Which of the following utilities is not directly related to marketing?
a) informational utility
b) form utility
c) place utility
d) possession utility

After watching Saturday morning cartoons, Bobby asked his mom to buy him Honey Nut Cheerios. According to the text Bobby is considered...
a) a customer
b) a consumer
c) a target market
d) a possession utility

The Good Ol' Barbecue Sauce Company began marketing a new sauce that includes spices often found in Asian cuisine. How is the company segmenting its market?
a) psychographics
b) product benefits
c) geographics
d) demographics

Which of the following purchases would most likely be made with discretionary income?
a) fruits and vegetables
b) magazine subscriptions
c) underwear and socks
d) a three-bedroom house

The Cracked Pot Potteryware company decided to sell its coffee mugs in the local espresso shops. What type of marketing decision was this?
a) price
b) place
c) promotion
d) product

The Music Stand direct-mail company wants to send catalogs to music teachers, dancers and other music lovers. What type of data would be helpful in this endeavor?
a) demographic
b) geographic
c) psychographic
d) product benefits

According to the text, which U.S. ethnic population is declining, relative to other ethnic populations?
a) Hispanic
b) Asian-American
c) Caucasian
d) African-American

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