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________ cause an increase in the size of the Latin American middle class
a) increased exports of raw goods
b) increased industrialization
c) the discovery of the tree of life
d) increased exports of finished goods

The new japanese government was modeled after:
a) Imperial Great Britain
b) Imperial Spain
c) Imperial Germany
d) Imperial Russia

The Qing dynasty lost the Opium War to _______ and was weakened by it.
a) Japan
b) the United States
c) France
d) Britain

The ______________ split from the Indian National Congress in order to properly address their religous interests.
a) Southern Baptist League
b) Buddhist League
c) Hindu League
d) Muslim League

The Dutch-descended Boers lost the Boer War to Britain, losing control of:
a) East Africa
b) South Africa
c) Central Africa
d) North by Northwest Africa

______________ was the only African country to successfully resist foreign rule in the late 1800\'s..
a) Ethiopia
b) Morocco
c) The Republic of Congo
d) Liberia

After the shogunate collapsed in Japan, Emperor Mutsuhito:
a) decreed all Japanese must learn how to knit
b) decided a major European power needed to be defeated to prove Japan\'s might.
c) oversaw to modernization of Japan
d) reigned as a cruel dictator

The Treaty of Kanagawa was signed by the U.S. and Japan, thanks to:
a) Commodore Perry's fleet applying military pressure on Japan to open trade
b) The helpful mediation of the Kanagawans
c) Commodore Perry\'s army storming the embattlements at Edo Bay to force the Japanese to open trade
d) President Filmore convincing the Japanese to open trade with his extremely eloquent letter

The First War of Independence, called the Sepoy Mutiny by the British was started by:
a) Jimmy Page, the lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin
b) Indian soldiers hired to help the East India Company
c) Indian soldiers working for exiled native rulers
d) Indian farmers who were removed from the land

In order to prevent Britain from gaining a trade monopoly, France:
a) established it\'s own colonies in Africa
b) began to sell Opium to the Chinese.
c) established it's own colony in Southeast Asia
d) routinely sabotaged British merchant ships

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