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Which of these can be a good idea to sign?
a) a contract you will not receive a copy of
b) a contract requiring you to pay fees and interest
c) a contract with blank spaces on it
d) a contract you haven't read or don't understand

Which of these does NOT bear the burden of proving that information in person's credit report is true?
a) the person him/herself
b) a creditor who claims the person owes a debt
c) lenders
d) the credit bureaus

Type of charge account that allows customers to acquire new debt and pay some part of existing debt at any time, as needed.
a) single-payment loan
b) revolving account
c) regular account
d) budget account

This type of credit occurs when a company receives goods from a supplier and pays for them later.
a) trade credit
b) loan credit    
c) property credit   
d) sales credit

Type of charge account that requires customers to make payments of a fixed amount over several months.
a) budget account
b) regular account
c) revolving account
d) single-payment loan

The value of all of a borrower's possessions is called
a) net income
b) credit rating
c) capital
d) collateral

Type of credit in which customers pay nothing until the end of the loan period.
a) regular account
b) single-payment loan
c) revolving account
d) budget account

Which of the following would be considered a travel and entertainment card?
a) Macy's Department Store card
b) Shell Oil card
c) VISA card
d) American Express card

Anyone who buys on credit or receives a loan.
a) lender
b) creditor
c) debtor
d) credit agency

A company that gathers information on credit users and sells it to potential lenders.
a) credit bureau
b) credit counseling service
c) creditor
d) debt collector

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