Texas Revolution 2nd Half Question Preview (ID: 8697)

Covers The Alamo To San Jacinto.[print questions]

What date is Texas Independence Day?
a) March 2
b) March 1
c) April 1
d) Arpil 21

What is the official date that Texas actually won their independence from Mexico?
a) April 21, 1835
b) March 1, 1835
c) April 21, 1836
d) March 2, 1836

Who was sent by Sam Houston to destroy the Alamo?
a) Stephen Austin
b) Sam Houston
c) Jim Bowie
d) David Burnett

At which meeting was a State Constitution for Texas created?
a) Consultation of 1835
b) Convention of 1832
c) Consultation of 1835
d) Convention of 1833

Did Houston support using the Alamo as a defensive position?
a) Yes he felt it was a strong strategic position along the San Antonio road
b) Yes he felt it had too much artillery not to use
c) No, he felt that facing Santa Anna's forces all at one time was impossible
d) No, he felt there was not enough artillery to defend the mission

Following which battle did Mexican troops evacuate Texas?
a) Battle of Goliad
b) Mission Concepcion
c) Battle of San Antonio
d) Grass Fight

Which document did Texans want restored to give them their desired system of government?
a) Declaration of Nov 7, 1835
b) Constitution of 1824
c) Texas Declaration of Independence
d) Turtle Bayou Resolution

Why did the battle of the Alamo last 13 days?
a) The weather was bad making it difficult to engage in battle
b) The Texans had extra ammunition
c) There were not enough Mexican soldiers to fight until the 13th day
d) Santa Anna wanted to torment us to show us how powerful he was

What are the two worst defeats for Texas during the Texas Revolution
a) Battle of Alamo and Gonzales
b) Battle of Alamo and Goliad Massacre
c) Goliad Massacre and San Antonio
d) San Antonio and Alamo

Who was the Declaration of Nov 7th written for?
a) Citizens of the country of Texas
b) Citizens of the state and country of Texas
c) Citizens of the state of Texas
d) Only for Texas citizens living in Coahuilia

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