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What is magnetism caused by?
a) the motion of protons
b) the motion of electrons
c) the attraction between protons and electrons
d) the interaction between neutrons and protons

The north pole of a magnet is attracted to the
a) north pole of another magnet
b) south pole of another magnet
c) the north pole of the same magnet
d) the north and south pole of another magnet

In a highly magnetized material, all or most of the magnetic domains are arranged
a) in an X shape
b) in the same direction
c) in different directions
d) in a circular path like a circuit

Which of the following is an example of a magnetic material?
a) iron
b) glass
c) wood
d) plastic

What is a domain?
a) electrons moving across a wire
b) a region of similarly oriented electrons in motion
c) the repulsion that occurs between the same poles of two magnets
d) the attraction that occurs between the north and south pole of two different magnets

What does temperature mean?
a) The amount of disorder in a substance
b) the average kinetic energy of molecules
c) the average potential energy of molecules
d) the direction of the moving molecules in a substance

Substances with a higher temperature
a) have less thermal energy
b) have more molecular disorder
c) become more orderly if heated more
d) will move thermal energy to a hotter substance

What is heat?
a) the flow of thermal energy
b) the flow of potential energy
c) the measure of molecular order in a substance
d) the average kinetic energy of molecules in a substance

The more you heat an object, the
a) slower its temperature rises.
b) more quickly its temperature rises
c) less heat is transferred to a substance
d) more energy is transferred to a substance

Which of the following contains the most thermal energy?
a) a cup of hot water
b) a cup of cold water
c) a hot tub full of hot water
d) a large bucket of hot water

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