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What word describes the mammals, fish birds and plants the live in an environment?
a) abiotic
b) populations
c) biosphere
d) biotic

A community is several species of animals interacting, while a population is
a) members of one species in an area
b) the biotic and abiotic elements of an area
c) the nonliving elements of an area
d) a single organism

Organisms that can make their own food from sunlight are called...
a) decomposers
b) carnivores
c) producers
d) consumers

Grass is eaten by a prairie dog. The prairie dog is eaten by a coyote. This is an example of...
a) an abiotic element
b) a food chain
c) a herbivore
d) an omnivore

The largest population an environment can support is its...
a) carrying capacity
b) symbiosis
c) population
d) limiting factor

Young wasps are eating the tomato hornworm that is their host. What is this an example of?
a) competition
b) commensalism
c) mutualism
d) parasitism

A bird eats a worm. Who is the predator?
a) the worm
b) neither
c) the bird
d) both the worm and the bird

Rocks, temperature, and water are what part of the environment?
a) biotic
b) living
c) abiotic
d) population

Grass that gains energy from the sun is an example of a ...
a) producer
b) decomposer
c) consumer
d) parasite

After one species disappears, the other species in the ecosystem....
a) are thrown out of balance
b) benefit
c) die
d) are affected

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