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Which Virginia court has originial jurisdiction for felonies?
a) U.S. Supreme Court
b) VA Circuit Court
c) U.S. Circuit Court
d) VA Court of Appeals

What type of judge issue warrants, summons, and subponeas?
a) Supreme Court Justices
b) Chief of Police
c) Court Clerk
d) Magistrates

The main job of the judicial branch is to ______.
a) interpret laws
b) carry out laws
c) enforce laws
d) make laws

Mannie sued his neighbor for the damage her dog did to his fence. This is an example of a ___.
a) criminal case
b) civil case
c) appeals case
d) federal case

In which court is the decision always final?
a) U.S. District Court
b) U.S. Court of Appeals
c) U.S. Supreme Court
d) U.S. Maritime Court

A defendant enters a plea and gets an attorney during an ______.
a) plea bargain
b) appeal
c) verdict
d) arraignment

Which federal court has a jury?
a) U.S. Supreme Court
b) VA Supreme Court
c) U.S. District Court
d) VA Circuit Court

Which of the following is required for an arrest?
a) probable cause
b) a verdict
c) a bail hearing
d) judicial review

Which supreme court case established the idea of judicial review?
a) Marbury v. Madison
b) Mason v. Marion
c) Brown v. Board of Eduction
d) Plessy v. Ferguson

A state may not pass a law that goes against the _____.
a) Virginia Constitution
b) U.S. Constitution
c) Richmond Constitution
d) American Constitution

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