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Fossils of warm-weather plants were found on an island in the Arctic Ocean. What can best be concluded from this discovery?
a) Spores of plants drifted by air currents to the island.
b) Ocean currents carried the plants to the island.
c) The island drifted from a tropical region to its present location.
d) Seeds of plants have been carried to the island by migratory birds.

A layer of marine fossils is discovered in a desert environment. Which hypothesis best explains the discovery?
a) The area was once covered by water.
b) Volcanic activity once occurred in the area.
c) A catastrophic event once occurred in the area.
d) Erosion turned most of the limestone in the area into sand.

Which is the best way to determine if an object is made of pure silver?
a) determine the solubility of the object
b) test to see if the object is chemically reactive
c) determine the density of the object and compare the known density of pure silver
d) compare the mass of the silver object to the mass of a piece of pure silver

Which factor best explains why some people will develop cancer and others will not after being exposed to the same high levels of a harmful chemical?
a) concentration of the chemical
b) potency of the chemical
c) individual susceptibility to the chemical
d) individual exposure to the chemical

What characteristic of aluminum allows it to be made into aluminum foil?
a) It is dense.
b) It is soluble.
c) It is magnetic.
d) It is malleable.

Which pure substance is composed of more than one element?
a) carbon
b) gold
c) water
d) sodium

How can the atmosphere be considered part of the hydrosphere?
a) It is a source of water.
b) It blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun.
c) It contains the oxygen necessary for life on Earth.
d) It traps pollutants that would otherwise harm the earth

Which best describes a bioindicator?
a) a species that has a short life span
b) a species that depends on specific conditions to survive
c) a species that can adapt to a variety of conditions
d) a species that has been introduced into an ecosystem

Which source of water pollution includes oil and gasoline discharge from automobiles and storm sewer drainage?
a) agriculture
b) bacteria
c) sedimentation
d) urban runoff

Which best explains the importance of dissolved gases in the ocean?
a) They help control pollution
b) They help provide oxygen for aquatic animals.
c) They help maintain a constant water temperature.
d) They help maintain constant levels of salinity.

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