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You eat off of me and I rhyme with fish, what am I?
a) dog
b) fog
c) fast
d) dish

I purr alot and rhyme with rat, what am I?
a) rug
b) candy
c) cat
d) dog

You go to sleep in me and I rhyme with red, what am I?
a) big
b) bed
c) rest
d) blue

You use a shovel to do this, I rhyme with pig. What is it?
a) dig
b) dog
c) pop
d) dirt

You can have me on your birthday, I rhyme with bake. What am I?
a) party
b) present
c) cookie
d) cake

You can find me on the beach, I rhyme with hand. What am I?
a) foot
b) ball
c) sand
d) nose

I fly fast in the sky, I rhyme with wet. What am I?
a) jet
b) kite
c) bird
d) water

I rhyme with boat, what am I?
a) ball
b) mat
c) game
d) float

You wear me on your foot, I rhyme with a color, what am I?
a) green
b) shoe
c) shop
d) shore

I come from the sky and rhyme with pain, what am I?
a) rain
b) pie
c) hurt
d) cloud

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