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The statue of the Little Mermaid is a famous attraction
a) Denmark
b) Germany
c) Norway
d) Sweden

In the Netherlands, drained lands that have rich farming soil called
a) bogs
b) polders
c) lochs
d) moors

Which Nordic country is an island
a) Denmark
b) Iceland
c) Finland
d) Ireland

The island of Great Britain is made up of England
a) Scotland, and Northern Ireland
b) Wales, and the United Kingdom
c) Scotland, and the Republic of Ireland
d) Wales and Scotland

A main reason for Luxembourg's prosperity is that it
a) has large deposits of oil
b) attracts many foreign businesses
c) has beautiful scenery
d) is Europe's largest food producer

What city in Italy has no cars, but instead relies on boats for transportation on its many canals
a) Rome
b) Barcelona
c) San Marino
d) Venice

The largest Greek island is
a) Cyprus
b) Sicily
c) Crete
d) Zealand

Which of the following was a member of the Non-Aligned Community
a) Yugoslavia
b) Italy
c) Romania
d) Poland

Sputnik I was the first to
a) orbit the earth
b) orbit the moon
c) soviet space station
d) american aircraft

World War II came to an end when
a) the United States captured Berlin
b) the Allies defeated Italy
c) the Allies defeated Germany
d) the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan

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