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Life Cycles Of Insects.[print questions]

Incomplete metamorphosis is different than complete metamorphosis because an insect that goes through incomplete metamorphosis -
a) does not begin as an egg
b) fails to go through the pupa stage
c) is always born under water
d) will not have wings as an adult

How many distinct life stages are there in incomplete metamorphosis?
a) two
b) three
c) four
d) five

A new species of insect is discovered. What observation could be made to determine if this new insect undergoes complete or incomplete metamorphosis? You could observe -
a) the adult insects to determine if they have fully developed wings
b) the newly hatched offspring to determine if they look like the adults
c) the insects as they grow to determine if they have a pupal stage
d) the insects’ eating habits to see if they eat both plants and animals

Grasshoppers undergo incomplete metamorphosis while beetles undergo complete metamorphosis. Insects with complete metamorphosis are special because only they –
a) have a resting stage
b) are able to eat plants
c) can fly as adults
d) can fly as adults

All of these represent life stages of an insect with incomplete metamorphosis EXCEPT –
a) egg
b) nymph
c) pupa
d) adult

Which of the following correctly lists the life stages of an insect with a complete metamorphosis?
a) Egg, pupa, cocoon, adult
b) Egg, larva, nymph, adult
c) Egg, larva, pupa, adult
d) Egg, nymph, pupa, adult

Which of the following organisms goes through a complete metamorphosis?
a) A rosebush
b) A butterfly
c) A rhinoceros
d) An alligator

How many distinct stages are there in the complete metamorphosis of an insect?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

What is metamorphosis?
a) A change in the state of matter from solid to liquid
b) A brief power surge
c) A change in shape or form
d) Something that happens to all animals

Which response identifies a true statement regarding complete and incomplete metamorphosis?
a) Incomplete metamorphosis contains two adult stages
b) Incomplete metamorphosis has no larva stage
c) Complete metamorphosis contains no pupa stage
d) Complete metamorphosis contains a nymph stage

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