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One of the National Assembly's first acts at Versailles was to destroy the relics of feudalism,...
a) abolish the rights of landlords, and end the finacial privileges of nobles and the clergy.
b) invent the guillotine.
c) support the peasant rebellions and the Great Fear.
d) and set ablaze the local castles.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was inspired by...
a) the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
b) the Code of Hamarabi.
c) the Imperial Decree to free the serfs.
d) pro-Royalist ideologies that were popular at the time.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen reflected...
a) Enlightenment thought.
b) Economic issues of the time period.
c) Critical thinking.
d) Christian values.

Louis XVI refused to accept the National Assembly's decrees, so thousands of _____ marched to Versailles and brought him back to Paris.
a) women armed with broomsticks, lances, pitchforks, swords, pistols and muskets
b) Austrian citizens who were loyal to the royal family
c) British soldiers and military power
d) men armed with cannon and military troops

Because of the need of money, the National Assembly...
a) seized and sold the lands of the Catholic Church in France.
b) raised taxes on each citizen.
c) brought more gold from its colonies.
d) barrowed money from England.

The Catholic Church was...
a) secularized.
b) richer than it ever was.
c) made the most popular religion in the country.
d) afraid of the Great Fear so joined the Revolution.

Some European leaders began to fear that revolution would spread to their countries and threatened to used force, so...
a) the Legislative Assembly declared war on Austria.
b) the Legislative Assembly signed a treaty with Austria.
c) the Legislative Assembly helped Louis XVI escape.
d) the Legislative Assembly declared war on America.

Power passed from the Legislative assembly to the Paris Commune. Many of its members called themselves the sans-culottes which means...
a) ordinary patriots without fine clothes.
b) ordinary partiots without fine food.
c) ordinary patriots without sand.
d) ordinary patriots without course of action.

Members of the new Paris Commune took the...
a) king captive.
b) took money from the treasury.
c) land left by the nobles and started farms with everyone sharing in the profits.
d) city of Paris and then marched to Verdun.

Why did the Third Estate object to each estate's having one vote in the Estates-General?
a) The First and Second estates together could outvote the Third Estate.
b) The fact that the doors of the meeting place were locked caused an objection.
c) There would still be a king.
d) The government was spending enourmous sums on wars.

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