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Basic Poetic Terms That Will Appear On Your Test.[print questions]

Enjambment is:
a) a word that rhymes.
b) figurative language
c) the continuation of a sentence on a new line of poetry.
d) a stressed syllable.

A rhyme scheme is:
a) a pattern of rhyme with the last word in lines of poetry.
b) a comparison.
c) a gross exaggeration.
d) the rhythm of a poem.

Imagery evokes:
a) the five senses.
b) the conflict.
c) the plot.
d) a simile.

Example of Personification:
a) You can never tell with bees.
b) Play a lick on a clarinet stick.
c) The swift snake told the man, \
d) Grim gremlins await groups of girls.

A simile is:
a) a comparison using like or as.
b) a rhyme based on vowel sounds.
c) giving human characteristics to non-human things.
d) an exaggeration.

An example of assonance.
a) I am so thirsty, I could drink an ocean.
b) The beads mixed with the peas and the mean lady screamed.
c) The thick quick mix fell on the slick floor.
d) Lennie was a mouse.

An example of alliteration.
a) Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
b) The mouse roared like a lion.
c) The dewy mist crept in the church yard, where rotting bodies lay to rest.
d) She was a peacock.

An example of simile.
a) The giraffe spoke volumes.
b) Look at the loopy loon.
c) She was like a dove.
d) The rugged raft raced through the rapids.

An example of hyperbole.
a) She sells seashells by the seashore.
b) Argentina is arid in August.
c) The mouse put on his jacket.
d) I had to write a million pages.

Meter is:
a) The basic rhythm of a poem, based on stressed and unstressed syllables.
b) The repetition of a particular sound or letter in a line of poetry.
c) Rhyme based on consonant sounds.
d) Giving human characteristics to things that are not human.

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