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This is evidence of subduction
a) rift valley
b) convection
c) volcano
d) trench

The rock that is closer to a mid-ocean ridge is ___________ than rock that is farther away.
a) older
b) younger
c) shorter
d) taller

Large mountains can form when two of these types of plates collide
a) continental
b) lithosphere
c) volcanic
d) oceanic

When the oceanic and continental plates collide, the oceanic plate ________.
a) subducts
b) crumbles
c) raises up
d) collides

A rift valley is at the center of a ____________.
a) mountain chain
b) fault
c) volcano
d) mid-ocean ridge

When one plate goes beneath another plate.
a) rifting
b) subduction
c) sea-floor spreading
d) convection

An earthquake zone without volcanoes could be evidence of a ___________ boundary
a) convergent
b) transform
c) sillyvergent
d) divergent

The Himalayan mountain belt was formed at a __________ boundary.
a) convergent
b) transform
c) mid-ocean ridge
d) divergent

A process that destroys crust.
a) trench
b) rifting
c) sea-floor spreading
d) subduction

The process responsible for creating new ocean crust.
a) trench
b) rifting
c) sea-floor spreading
d) subduction

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