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Who took over texas?
a) Tejas
b) Itallian people
c) Nakayla Cheek
d) The French

what year did the war started and ended?
a) 2011-2012
b) 1993-1999
c) 1835-1836
d) 3014-1400

who are the tejanos
a) just random people
b) the spanish land that bordered the U.S
c) the french who bordered the U.S
d) Mr. branhart

who is the mexican president??
a) antonia lopez
b) sam houston
c) william travis
d) no one really

who is sam houston
a) he was the only man who was in a meeting with the military of the texas army
b) he was one of the tejas who planned to make an army to rule texas
c) he is a top secret best person in the military who can fight the tejas
d) he is a perfume seller

what is the lone star republic?
a) a nickname of the texas
b) a name that is a trail to texas
c) a star that is north
d) a car seller company

who is william travis
a) a geek who just transfor to east lee
b) he was boss of a company of 183 volunteers at the almo
c) superman
d) he is a mexican president

who is mrs. losh
a) our socail studies teacher
b) our science teacher
c) our president
d) the best rapper

what does our american flag look like
a) red and whites stripes with a blue cornor with stars
b) spiral and pink
c) plain red
d) a picture of president lincoln

who made this game
a) mrs, losh
b) destiny redding, nakayla cheek, and jose torres
c) mr. barnhart
d) mrs. smith

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