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Land area that collects and channels water from a smaller body of water to a larger body of water.
a) watershed
b) biotic factor
c) abiotic factor
d) Divide

Living things (Examples: fish, plants, and humans)
a) Biotic Factors
b) Abiotic Factors
c) Divide
d) Watershed

Nonliving things (Examples: water, air, and temperature)
a) Abiotic Factors
b) Biotic Factors
c) Watershed
d) Divide

a continuous ridge that separates a watershed (like a mountain). 
a) Divide
b) Abiotic Factor
c) Biotic Factor
d) Watershed

The shape of the land determined by the elevation and natural or man-made (map with curved lines). 
a) Topography
b) Gravity
c) Erosion
d) Sedimentation

Cause of the flow of water in a watershed
a) gravity
b) topography
c) erosion
d) sedimentation

The wearing down or washing away of soil and land surface by the action of wind, water or ice.
a) erosion
b) gravity
c) topography
d) sedimentation

The accumulation of bits of sand, pebbles or other materials deposited by physical or chemical weathering.
a) sedimentation
b) erosion
c) gravity
d) topography

Precipitation that flows over the land to streams, rivers and lakes. This is the LEADING source of water quality problem in the U.S.
a) Run-off
b) Rip-Rap
c) Permeable
d) Impermeabe

One way to stop erosion – using plastic and then rocks to hold the plastic down.
a) Rip-Rap
b) Runoff
c) Riparian Buffer
d) Contour Farming

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